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All photos and testimonials from actual clients or skin care professionals. While results will always vary from client to client, we believe all clients can have great results with Rezenerate!

Before & After

Notice the amazing change around the eyes! This was accomplished after just one Rezenerate Facial.

Before & After

Overall, this client saw tremendous success with Rezenerate! She was thrilled. These results were achieved over a series of Rezenerate Facials which is often the most economical way to sign up your client.

Before & After

Notice the amazing change around the eyes and the great hydration! This was accomplished after just two Rezenerate Facials.

Before & After

This client became a huge proponent of Rezenerate after her first facial. Notice the improvement in the skin tone and other areas which really speak for themselves. These results were achieved over a series of Rezenerate Facials.

Before & After

Amazing results! Rezenerate works wonders for people of almost any age. These results were achieved with just one Rezenerate Facial.

Before & After

This client couldn’t believe the amazing changes in her appearance. Her tone and texture was the best it had been in years. These results were achieved over a series of Rezenerate Facials.

Before & After

The esthetician and client couldn’t believe what a great outcome they had with a Rezenerate Facial! This was accomplished after just one Rezenerate Facial.

Before & After

Rezenerate works great on men as well! This client was astounded at how great his skin felt and looked after a Rezenerate Facial.This was accomplished after just one Rezenerate Facial.


“I think I found the fountain of youth with the RezPen…”
– Olivia A., Licensed Esthetician, East Northport, NY


“I have I incorporated Rezenerate into my practice since December and the results are absolutely amazing. My clients are loving the no down time lunchtime glow. I can’t wait to get my hands on some new serums to get even better results!”

Danay S.

RAP, Ft. Worth, TX

“As a licensed esthetician in CA., I just recently purchased the Rezenerate for my clinic and it was a instant hit! My clients love this treatment. My clients tell me they see instant results and the skin just keeps looking better afterwards. They also tell me that it is very relaxing to receive. They enjoy this noninvasive treatment for special events etc. I am so happy to include Rezenerate facials as part of my anti-aging services.”

Pristine Clinical Skin Care

Capitola, CA

“Here’s another before/after. Truly the most unbelievable results I’ve ever seen. This client was not believing my before/afters that I showed her of other clients. I had to put hers next to each other right in front of her. Now she’s a believer [in Rezenerate].”

Lori L.

RAP, Henderson, NV

“It created evenly toned and textured skin–my clients were so impressed.”


Esthetician, New York City, NY

“I have been using it for 2 months now and think it works great, it’s portable and I can take it from client to client, and is a great complement to any facial treatment.”

Ingrid G.

Esthetician, Miami, FL

“There are facials and then there is the Rezenerate Facial.”

Brooke H.

Rezenerate Client, Fairview, NJ

“Purchasing a Rezenerate is a “no brainer”. The startup kit cost is affordable and enough to double your money in no time. I pre-sold treatments and nearly had  it paid off before it arrived. I’ve really enjoyed how flexible I can be with this tool!”

Tracy C.

Manassas, VA

“The new cutting edge Rezenerate treatment is the ultimate in anti-aging. In just one treatment your skin looks and feels more hydrated. After multiple treatment notice pigmentation lightening, toning and an overall youthful glow to your skin.”

Shelley H.

Esthetician, Capistrano Beach, CA

“Adding Rezenerate to my services has been a game changer for sure! My clients always request this as a repeat service and love the fact their skin starts improving with their first treatment.”

Sheri F.

Esthetician, Charlotte, NC

“Easy to use and excellent results.”

Dr. Mauricio Mercado

Founder of Armesso, Colombia

“This device allows us to easily say goodbye to needles and syringes. Less risks for everyone, clients are satisfied, and you can keep your promise of being an honest professional with your client.”

Dr. Carlos Hatay

New York, NY

“We have been using Rezenerate here at EL Centro De Estetica Dario for several months. Our customers have been very happy with their results.”

Dr. Dario Cabello


“Rezenerate is the latest in science and technology for esthetics. It has no risks, its easy to use, it does not leave your face feeling irritated after its use, and there’s no chance of infection considering that the tips are for one time use and disposable.With just one treatment the change in your skin will be visible. I now feel complete as a professional because of having Rezenerate!”

Susana Diaz

Esthetician, Cupey, Puerto Rico

“Rezenerate was on my “to buy” list for quite a while and I was apprehensive about purchasing due to the question, ‘Do I really need it?’ All I can say is I WISH I HAD PURCHASED IT SOONER! The results my clients are seeing are out of this world. I use a variety of different professional skin care lines but no matter which I am using, this device makes those products even better. If you are on the fence about this purchase I am telling you to GO FOR IT!”

Melissa B.

RAP, Meriden, CT

“What has made me fall in love with this wonderful device is how quickly the clients see results. Improvements that usually took months are seen in a matter of several facials over a few weeks. My clients have been very excited with the results and continue to book additional sessions. In my opinion the benefits of Rezenerate greatly outweigh the costs, and I am very glad I purchased the Rezenerate Wand for use in my spa, as I use it several times a day.”

Stefy M.

Licensed Aesthetics Professional and Spa Owner, Puerto Rico, PR

“The Rezenerate has exceeded my expectations! I had anticipated seeing good results with hydration and fine lines, which I am achieving, but I had not anticipated such great additional results. This treatment, in conjunction with great product lines, has actually helped tighten the jawline of one of my clients in her late forties!! This piece of equipment is definitely a business builder.”

Shelley H.

Esthetician, Capistrano Beach, CA

“Love the rezenerate wand, all my clients are getting great results.”

Judy G.

Esthetician, Santa Ros, CA

“Rezenerate has been one of the best services I ever added to my practice! My clients LOVE the results which has made it one of my most requested treatments!”

Sheri F.

Esthetician, Charlotte, NC

“I have moderate blemishes and other facials have not been able to help me. Rezenerate came to my rescue and changed everything.”

Brittney R.

Rezenerate Client, Asheville, NC

“So I did my first Rezenerate treatment on myself last night! My skin feels so amazing, plump, hydrated, tight and toned! Clients are gonna love this!”

Breena Y.

RAP , Lawrence, IN

“The Rezenerate Facial is THE best facial that I have experienced. It is painless yet it yields powerful and lasting results. Bravo Rezenerate! Bravo!”

Seana P.

Rezenerate Client, Durham, NC

“Rezenerate is the nanotechnology that has came to stay, and it has an advantage. It is a very easy to use and to transport to any destination. I love it for its small size! You get immediate results with rezenerate. I’m not a fan of devices, but I love Rezenerate!”

Lucia Lora Spa

Puerto Rico

“Rezenerate: How is it possible that a system, that is so small, that has no weight, that is so easy to be transported and handled by us estheticians, could do such a spectacular work concerning the care of the skin.”

Estetica Maria

Los Angeles, CA

“I love it because it’s easy to use, effective from the very first session, it is safe with no risk of cross contamination! I love it!”


Puerto Rico

“Hello, I’m emailing you for the director of the esthetics school where I work.  Can you give me information on how the school could sell your device to the students? I’m a huge fan and use it in my own business.”

Tracy C.

Manassas, VA

“This tool has been a game changer in my business!!! Clients FEEL and SEE the difference. Once they have had it…they continue to want it!!! There are days when I’m doing only Rezenerate NanoFacials. This is my go to treatment for my skin as well.”

Cindy C.

RAP, Rancho Cucamonga, CA

“I bought mine in July, paid for it within a month and through December I sold $8,000 worth of Rezenerate treatments…totally worth it!”

Breena Y.

RAP, Lawrence, IN

“I live in Naples, Fl where is the nearest spa that provides the rezenerate facial. I have had one in Richmond, VA while I was visiting. I fell in LOVE LOVE with this facial it is totally incredible the BEST facial I have EVER received and I have done / tried it all from Fraxel to heavy chemical peels.  But there is nothing like the results from your product. I either need to purchase it myself or find a spa in Naples FL who provides the service.”

Laura D.

Rezenerate Client, Naples, FL

“I think I found the fountain of youth with the RezPen. So yesterday I did a diamond tip micro (coarse) on myself then did the RezPen over 100% pure Hyaluronic Acid Serum followed up by oxygen infusion with Swiss Apple stem cells.”

Olivia A.

RAP, East Northport, NY

“Including Rezenerate in our Casmara Algae Peel Off Mask facials gave us an additional wow factor. Because our mask has a dermal cooling and an occlusive effect, after using Rezenerate with an appropriate serum the skin will be calm, firm and super hydrated and clients are more than happy.”

“The result is fantastic! Thank you for creating this amazing Nano technology Rezenerate pen.”

Valeria S.

RAP, Danville, CA

“I’m in love with Rezenerate, simple protocols and immediate satisfaction. Seeing a customer happy makes me happy. I love Rezenerate!”

Juana D.

Esthetician, Puerto Rico

“I love the results rezenerate has on the skin.”

Jamie O.

Esthetician, Costa Mesa, CA

“My clients love the plumpness and the actual facial, the feeling of the Rezenerate device. There’s no downtime and clients have been eager to do follow ups.”

Faye G.

RAP, Miami, FL

“I’ve been getting the Rezenerate Facial with neck add on once a month for several months now….Diane’s place is cozy and inviting, and I look forward to my visits…..I love the soothing way she thoroughly rubs in the creams and lotions during the facial, and there is rarely any redness afterwards!    I can see improvement in the appearance and tone of my skin;  at 61 that’s important to me.  I’ll keep on having these facials  not just for my skin, but because the experience is relaxing and enjoyable.” 

Cheryl O.

Rezenerate Client , San Antonio, TX

“There was no pain at all! I barely felt anything during the facial, but surprisingly my skin has never looked better.”

Kathy S.

Rezenerate Client, Charlotte, NC

“As a clinical esthetician, I am extremely selective with the types of facial treatments I provide and Rezenerate fits perfectly into my service list. It produces noticable results quickly with the added benefit of being enjoyable to the client. A win/win for sure.”

Sheri F.

Esthetician, Charlotte, NC

“Jamie, Thank you for another great facial! I LOVE that new device/pen you use!”


Rezenerate Client, Costa Mesa, CA

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