Rezenerate ‘HyRez’ Glide PLUS – Gentle Blend – 1 oz

Gentle Blend, our latest blend of Hyaluronic Serum with the added benefits of Copper Peptides.

· Safe For All Skin Types
· Calms, Soothes & Stimulates Healing
· Reduces Free Radical Damage & Inflammation
· Gentle Option for Reactive/Sensitive Skin

'HyRez' Glide PLUS - Gentle Blend (1 oz): Great to use as your infusion serum and/or slip serum for the Rezenerate portion of your NanoFacial. Hyaluronic Acid helps boost the skin’s moisture content, reduce inflammation, trigger cell communication, and reduce moisture loss.

Copper Peptides improve antioxidant activity and stimulate healing. Conveniently packaged for retail, you can now send your clients home with this clinical strength serum to incorporate into their skincare routine. Super gentle, super hydrating, super Rezenerating!